A Senior Care Franchise Making a Difference

May 2023

Meraki Assisted Living takes a unique approach as a senior care franchise, one focused on small, residential living homes. We started Meraki to be different from the elder care franchise of the past because we saw the need for change. Our firsthand experience working in assisted living facilities made change feel not only needed but necessary.

Our residential living homes center around our residents and their wants and needs. Whole human care is at the heart of every Meraki Assisted Living senior care franchise.

Becoming a Meraki Assisted Living franchise owner is a gift to the community and to those seniors and individuals with disabilities who need care at such a crucial stage in their lives.

Meraki senior care franchise owners can be proud of providing care while investing in one of the most important and financially sound opportunities anywhere.
Learn about our founders’ lifelong respect for elders and how their hands-on experience in the Senior Care industry inspired them to create a new path in Senior Care Franchising.

The Meraki Assisted Living Franchise Story: A New Path in Senior Care

With over 20 years of experience in the senior care industry and a lifelong respect for their elders, Scott Hemenway and his wife, Marlena, started the solution that would become the inspiration for the Meraki Assisted Living franchise.

With flagship homes established in their hometown in the Minneapolis area, their focus has been on offering seniors and individuals with disabilities safety, comfort, and respect in homes that inspire and embrace living fully.
Scott’s vision, passion, and experience in caring for seniors inspire and fuel the core philosophies and daily decisions that directly impact residents, families, and Care Partners. His hands-on background in caring for others means he’s in touch with the reality of what it takes to care for others, and he feels the weight of that responsibility.

Under Scott’s leadership, Meraki Assisted Living is blazing a new path – to demonstrate a new way of assisting others in living out their lives with purpose, community, compassion, and love.

This expanded team of seasoned professionals who share a common vision of human care is changing expectations, and re-imagining assisted living and senior care franchising. You can join Meraki in bringing this exciting, senior care franchise solution to your community and discover how rewarding it can be to serve others. To replace healthcare with Human Care.

Meraki Assisted Living is passionate about a more holistic approach to senior care, which is better for residents, their families, employees, the community, and our senior care franchise owners.

Are Small Residential Living Homes Different From Senior Care Facilities?

Every senior care franchise has different definitions for its business model, and some can be quite confusing.

The size is the most striking difference between Meraki and other assisted living facilities.

Some senior care franchises and facilities are massive. With residents sharing rooms, large cafeteria-style meals, and staff-to-resident ratios that are way too high.

The Meraki Difference: Personalized Care for Seniors

We like to keep our senior care franchise model simple. Homes are smaller, so they are more adaptable, practical, and able to care for residents in the ways they deserve.

Our residential living homes are in middle-upper to upper-class neighborhoods. They each house up to 6 residents in their own private room.

Our Care Partner-to-resident ratios are low to ensure care remains personal.

Having smaller homes and more staff for each resident than other senior care franchise models means we can offer human care more personalized in every way. We offer many services that other senior care franchises cannot or won’t provide.

  • 24/7 Awake Care
  • RN on Staff
  • Chef-Crafted Meals
  • On-site PT
  • Elevators in Homes
  • Best-in-class Staff to Resident Ratio

The Senior Care Franchise Opportunity at Meraki Assisted Living

This is your chance to invest and participate in changing the enormous and growing senior care market. Meraki offers many reasons to join the movement as a franchise owner:

  • An established, proven, and differentiated business model with limited direct competition.
  • Lower caregiver turnover than in-home care and nursing homes/facilities.
  • An investment based on tangible and potentially appreciable assets.
  • A protected territory to operate your business, with no commercial office requirement.
  • A rewarding business making a difference in people’s lives, adding value to the community, working close to home, and employing and caring for people in the community.

The Rewarding Sides of Senior Care

The personal, intrinsic rewards of providing a vital place of care and compassion for seniors in need cannot be measured. Seniors deserve all of the respect and love we can give them.

At Meraki Assisted Living, we have come to understand that caring for others responsibly brings very tangible rewards for our owners. To sustain a high level of care, we believe a business needs to be financially sound.

The excellent news for our owners is that Meraki Assisted Living homes are more than just financially sound investments. They have a variety of income streams to ensure that they remain healthy and can provide the personalized care our residents deserve.

An investment based on tangible and potentially appreciable assets. A monthly income stream from providing services and housing to those in need and the acquisition of the house and business itself.

Find out more about Meraki’s senior care franchise opportunity today. Our senior care franchising team is a click or call away.

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