Benefits of Owning Your Own Home Health Franchise

March 2023

Opening an assisted living or senior living franchise has many beautiful benefits. The benefits vary from the intangible value of providing a caring place for seniors in their time of greatest need to some astonishing returns on investment as an owner of home health franchise locations.

What are some of the benefits of opening your own home health franchise? What can you expect from home health care franchise ownership?

The Intangible Benefits of Owning a Home Health Franchise

Owning a home health care franchise, or a senior care franchise based in residential homes such as Meraki Assisted Living, has benefits that go well beyond profits. One such benefit is providing care for seniors in their time of greatest need.

The Non-Monetary Values of Owning a Home Health Care Franchise:

  • Providing care for adults who struggle to care for themselves.

Providing a place of care for seniors when they most need it is a value that goes much deeper than just the pocketbook. Many of us have recognized the need for care as our parents and grandparents age. We don’t necessarily want it to look like it has in the past.

  • Families are hesitant about loved ones living in large facilities.

Many of us remember when nursing homes were the standard of care. Most of us don’t have overly fond memories of them. Caring for adults in smaller homes that can cater to personal tastes and needs feels like a much better way going forward. Meraki Assisted Living offers a unique alternative by offering seniors the chance to live in smaller residential homes in the community.

  • Showing respect through higher level care.

Our love for our elders should reflect how we care for them as they age. We respect our parents and grandparents and are grateful for how they have set us up for success. When caring for them toward the end of their lives, we want our care for them to show how much we appreciate and respect them.

  • Giving back to the community.

Neighborhoods can be vibrant and healthy places where people of all ages can gather to learn from one another. Having senior living homes in neighborhoods provides a more significant opportunity for connection with close relatives and for seniors to connect with neighbors of all ages in the community.

The Surprising Profitability of Owning a Home Health Franchise

Many people are surprised that owning a home health franchise is highly profitable. In particular, an assisted living franchise such as Meraki Assisted Living has one of the highest returns on investment in a home health agency franchise.

Most franchises center around the running of a location of a particular brand or product line. While you may make a decent living from this classic franchise model, the returns aren’t usually great.

The opening of Meraki Assisted Living homes is an entirely different franchising venture. It is even different than many home health franchise opportunities. Not only are they in one of the fastest growing industries, senior care, senior living, and assisted living, they offer other highly profitable investment opportunities.

Why is Opening a Home Health Care Franchise so Profitable?

What about the assisted living or senior residential care model makes it more profitable than a traditional home health franchise?

  1. Monthly Income of Assisted Living Homes.
  2. Appreciable Assets of the Homes Themselves.
  3. Ability to Sell Franchise Locations When Ready to Move on.

The Monthly Income of Assisted Living Homes Over a Health Care Franchise

The burgeoning industry of smaller residential care homes for seniors is far from saturation. Homes are built or renovated in middle to upper-class neighborhoods rather than other home health franchise opportunities focused on providing in-home services at a senior’s home.

More and more families realize the benefits of having their loved ones in a residential community home-based model of senior care. They recognize that the care is more personalized, and their loved ones can experience community right where they live.

A Meraki Assisted Living franchise can generate monthly income in several ways. Firstly, many families are willing to pay out of pocket to ensure their loved ones are cared for and safe. Secondly, healthcare service providers, Medicare, and Social Security benefits are also options for helping to finance senior care.

Appreciable Assets

The homes themselves are potentially appreciable assets. Let’s have a look at Meraki Assisted Living’s model for clarification.

A franchisee winning an award to open Meraki Assisted Living homes will open three senior care homes in the first 24 months. These homes are in middle-upper-class neighborhoods. Homes in the suburbs are highly sought-after in the real estate market.

Houses are appreciable assets. The upkeep and maintenance required, as well as renovations needed, are all tax-deductible necessities of the business.

Successful Franchise Locations

Life is unpredictable. We understand you may be ready to move on at some point. When you feel it’s time to move on to different ventures, or are closing in on retirement yourself, Meraki Assisted Living franchise locations are a valuable asset to sell.

Allowing someone to purchase the rights to the Meraki Assisted Living locations allows this high-quality senior care to continue. It’s also another very satisfying way to turn a profit while continuing to help seniors and the community.

Joining the Meraki Assisted Living Franchise Team

Are you interested in changing the home health franchise model? Have you considered investing in seniors’ lives, bettering the community, and making one of the soundest investments available?

Contact the Meraki Assisted Living Franchise Team today. We are looking for future franchise owners who have a heart for their community and are wise enough to see a great opportunity when it presents itself.

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