What Do Most Nursing Home Franchises Have in Common?

March 2023

Engaging. Forward-Thinking. Innovative. Accountable. Proactive.

What Sets the Brand Apart: The industry trend for many years was that home care agencies and large assisted living centers were the only options for people considering such care for their loved ones.

Meraki Assisted Living offers something different. Something unique. They offer a personalized style of care for those seeking residential living for seniors. Their comprehensive care package includes individual assistance on a level that is normally only found in small care centers. However, the facilities also boast social opportunities for its valued residents that are normally available at larger, more impersonal care centers.

Thus, Meraki Assisted Living provides something different than other nursing home franchises and industry competitors: unmatched personal, quality care at a lower cost than most major care centers, and better access to a higher quality of individual attention for seniors.

The franchise calls it, quite simply, “Intelligent Human Care.”

Meraki Assisted Living considers the safety of its residents as its number one priority. Therefore, they provide continuing education on the health and wellness of the senior community to their staff and caretakers, whom they consider not only team players but also family.

The leadership team understands they are accountable for their actions and decisions, and how they impact the health and lives of the residents of their facilities; they face changes and challenges with positivity and optimism. They simply love caring for people and making their residents smile.

What makes Meraki different from other nursing home franchises?

Meraki Assisted Living, as a franchise, is an established, proven and differentiated business model with a limited amount of direct competition. Each location proves its worth by displaying lower caregiver turnover than in-home care and nursing homes and elderly facilities.

This is an investment based on tangible and potentially appreciable assets, a very well-protected business territory where a franchisee can operate a business, with no commercial office requirement.

This, among other factors, makes Meraki a rewarding business based on personal values, mainly those that care about making a difference in people’s lives. Wherever a potential franchisee is considering opening one of these facilities, they will be adding value to the community, have the opportunity to work close to home, offer fulfilling employment opportunities and care for people in the community.

The Brand Voice also conveys:

A Proven Process. Experienced Leadership Team. Enriching Lives.

Meraki has been in business since 2015, and they have had all this time to perfect their franchise development and partnerships with franchisees. Additionally, Meraki Assisted Living has seven corporate locations, all based in Minnesota, to assist franchisees in building their businesses and obtaining success.

Buyer Personas

Senior Care Steve:

  • Steve is looking for some different investment options, such as franchise opportunities in his area. He wants something that will not only make reliable income but also renew his spirit and expand his professional portfolio.
  • Steve has a background in pharmaceutical sales; his wife has a long career in marketing, specializing in the management of an agency, and has excellent relationship-building skills. These qualities are very ideal for franchise owners of Meraki Assisted Living businesses.
  • Steven has an innate motivation to serve others in his community and wants to make a difference in the lives of others who have served his community.
  • He finds out about Meraki Assisted Living, and becomes quite excited about the possibility of disrupting the traditional assisted living sector. Steve, thanks to his hard-working accountant and spouse, has made a decent amount of money in his life, but left it sitting in CODs and high-interest savings accounts. He’s clearly a qualified franchise candidate.
  • Based in Las Vegas, Steve is in an excellent location for the business, because not only is Nevada a popular retirement area, but it is also a place in which Meraki hopes to expand its business.

Real Estate Investor Ian

  • Ian has been in real estate investment for 15 years, following a successful initial career as a real estate agent for 12 years. He pays attention to and knows how to read the trends in the market but wants an investment beyond a traditional real estate ROI.
  • Ian is interested in investing in a franchise but has been waiting for the right opportunity. Many of the franchise opportunities are oversaturated.
  • Ian recently saw a report that the current assisted living facility market is worth $87 billion and is expected to reach upwards of $120 billion by 2030. Nursing care homes have a market value of $130 billion.
  • Upon further research, Ian finds that the US will need a predicted 2 million housing facilities by 2040 to have adequate housing for the aging baby boomer generation, his parent’s generation.
  • Ian is intrigued by what these numbers could mean if investing in an assisted living facility franchise, he starts exploring available franchising opportunities.
  • Ian’s grandmother lived in a nursing home for the last two years of her life. While he is thankful for the weight it took off his parents, he has always wondered if there is a better model for senior care.
  • Ian’s wife Mary has been a nurse for 25 years. Ian and Mary’s backgrounds and their desire for something different in assisted living make them ideal franchise candidates for Meraki Assisted Living.
  • Ian and Mary want to do something with their future investments that positively impact the world. To help make positive changes in their country and their community. They also want to be smart with their money.
  • Coming across the Meraki Assisted Living Franchises website, they like the idea of care in smaller residential homes. They find themselves nodding while reading about disrupting the industry, intelligent human care, caring for seniors in their time of greatest need, and that families are welcome to drop by anytime they want during visiting hours. No sign is required.
  • Ian has a meeting with his accountant, and they are both impressed with the financial upsides of owning a Meraki franchise. Three appreciable assets in the homes in middle-upper-class neighborhoods. The monthly revenues from running three assisted living homes and the ability to sell a well-running business when they are ready to move on.
  • Ian and Mary contact Meraki Assisted Living Franchises. They talk about the requirements for franchising and whether it’s a good fit.
  • The meeting went even better than expected. They are impressed with the level of care, expertise, and warmth they felt from Meraki. Meraki lets them know that their home state of Michigan is one of the places Meraki seeks to expand.
  • Ian and Mary are excited as they apply for the right to franchise. They receive the news that the right to franchise is theirs.

The Senior Home Care Marketplace

The market competition that Meraki Assisted Living faces regularly includes Majestic Residences and Beehive Homes. However, Meraki stands apart from its competitors for a number of reasons. Firstly, Meraki Assisted living has a unique, innovative franchise plan. Franchisees are required to purchase three assisted living communities within the first 24 months of opening the business. This helps to ensure the success and vitality of the franchise owner.

The projected initial investment, on the first home, ranges from $96,000 to $182,000 if leasing, and $336,000 to $512,000 if purchasing; this includes an initial franchise fee of $45,000. There is also a development fee of $20,000 when the second home location is secured and $10,000 when the third opens.

Before launching the Meraki franchise, the corporate headquarters will conveniently provide initial training for two weeks, for both the franchise owner and his or her hired director. Corporate employees will spend two days assisting you and your staff at your location in the first 60 days of launching.

Meraki Assisted Living is proud to provide whole-person assisted living that exceeds expectations and goes above and beyond normal homecare service levels…all while being half the cost of similar facilities.

This high level of care, not found in larger assisted living facilities and other nursing home franchises, can only be accomplished with a staff to-resident-ratio of 1: or better. Without a doubt, residents of your Meraki franchise maintain pride, dignity, normalcy, and a sense of independence, all while living in a small care environment.

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