Exploiting the Boom in Elderly Care: Senior Services Business Opportunities

July 2023

Demographic trends are ushering in a need for senior living and care resources the nation has never seen before. This deep need is ushering in exciting, senior services business opportunities. Imagine opening a business in your community that makes residents sigh with relief and excitement!

There’s simply no way around the fact that existing care models can’t support the more than 98 million Americans aged 65 and older who will make up a bigger-than-ever chunk of the total population by 2060. Once you learn about the alternative offered by smaller, caring residential homes, you’ll wonder why anyone ever expected them to!

As the number of senior Americans grows faster than the rate of the total U.S. population, care services, and housing trends will merge in a completely new way. Those with the right mix of heart and drive will be at the center of making exceptional senior living the norm.

Keep reading to learn why senior services business opportunities built around this big change are more satisfying and rewarding than any other business a person can own!

“Personal” Is the New Senior Care Services Business Model

One of the reasons why there is so much urgency in the senior care industry today is that established models sometimes need to meet the needs and expectations of seniors and their families. The “warehousing” model that most facilities operated under for the past 40 years is now seen as demoralizing for residents and staff.

Seniors are left feeling like “just a number.” Families of seniors worry that their loved ones aren’t getting the high-quality, personalized attention they deserve.

Senior services business opportunities that allow franchise owners to provide quality, personalized care in a smaller environment than a standard nursing home or living facility are exciting right now because they fill a long-neglected need for providing a place families can feel good about.

Smaller, “home-like” facilities are being prioritized by seniors and families when making care decisions because they offer:

  • More one-on-one attention.
  • High-quality interactions between staff and residents.
  • Differentiated care.
  • Nuanced, adaptive care allows a resident to stay in a home for a long time without constant transfers.
  • Safety comes from a purposefully built, safe, and comfortable living environment.

For residents, whole-human care that provides access to 24/7 support without the “institutional” aspect that generates common negative connotations regarding nursing homes today creates an affirming, comfortable existence. Residents can enjoy chef-prepared meals, daily guided exercise, socialization, and in-home medical appointments.

For families, the constant burden of being stuck choosing an imperfect option that provides impersonal care while also pushing responsibilities for shopping, meal preparation, transportation to medical appointments, and medication management on them is lifted.

Of course, the last piece is the franchise owner who has created and cultivated an exceptional care environment. Senior services business opportunities that allow them to do this create a way to make a positive impact using a streamlined model that runs effectively and efficiently.

The Opportunities Within Senior Services Business Opportunities

With senior services business opportunities based on smaller residential properties, revenue potential is more than just locked into the number of heads a franchise owner can get into a building. In fact, this characteristic of the old model was one of the reasons why owning a senior care services business was so frustrating.

With the right model, the following senior services business opportunities are possible:

  • Using the home as an appreciable asset.
  • Generating ongoing monthly revenue through the operation of an assisted living home.
  • Potentially selling the care franchise after deciding to move on.

Good senior services business opportunities create a model built for longevity without necessarily locking owners in for the long run. The diversification of a model is important because it increases channels for potential revenue beyond one industry or sector.

Why Choose Meraki Assisted Living Senior Services Business Opportunities?

At Meraki Assisted Living, we’ve carefully built a senior care services business based on the forward-facing trends affecting the nation’s demographics. Our franchise model anticipates the desire for personalized, flexible care that can grow with residents instead of putting seniors and their families in the frustrating position of constantly adjusting to living situations.

Franchisees who jump on with senior services business opportunities enjoy unique franchise support that includes:

  • Guidance for selecting the right home location and property.
  • Construction and design specifications for meeting the needs of residents.
  • Comprehensive franchise training.
  • In-person, on-the-ground guidance from support representatives.
  • Ongoing support and resources tied to operations, finances, marketing, and more.
  • Networking with fellow franchise owners.
  • Tons of online tools and documentation.
  • Tools for training staff and following industry best practices.
  • Business-management technology for care plans, scheduling, communications, and more

When franchisees take part in senior services business opportunities from Meraki, they benefit from the strong reputation that this brand has developed. Meraki has become synonymous with whole-person care that helps to elevate the quality of life in the golden years! Explore our Assisted Living franchise for sale

Learn About Senior Services Business Opportunities From a Trusted, Acclaimed Franchise

Why focus on senior services business opportunities right now? With 73 million Americans from the baby boomer generation preparing to turn 65 by 2030, the deep chasm left by the predominant senior care services business model of the past four decades creates a truly once-in-a-generation opportunity.

Are you interested in learning about senior services business opportunities? Contact the Meraki Assisted Living Franchise Team today. We seek passionate individuals ready to bring dignity and dynamism to senior living!

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